Ten good reasons to Study at the EMS


At the EMS you study at the pulse of the economy. Experienced faculty, most of whom are still active in business establishments in addition to their teaching activities, provide you with a good insight into business matters. The EMS also provides an excellent platform to discover interesting companies,  through contacts with renowned firms in various sectors. The event series "Business Insights", with guest speakers from high-level management at various known companies, provides you with repeated personal insights into everyday management and gives you career advice firsthand.


For your future success, in-depth academic knowledge as well as confident appearance and communication skills are crucial. Therefore, the EMS will train your personal and methodological skills in a versatile skills development program. We build on and develop your management and decision-making abilities. You will learn to present convincingly and how to inspire employees. Intercultural coaching is also available, providing you with the fundamentals to work and present yourself in a sure and convincing manner around the world.


The contents of the EMS programs are continuously adjusted to the changing demands of a globalized economy. In addition, in all study programs the EMS offers an intensive foreign language training, which focuses also on acquiring international foreign language certificates. The programs International Business and International Culture and Management also include courses taught in English that specifically prepare for an international career.


All study programs offered at the EMS connect sound management studies with a number of additional elements. Through foreign language courses, the semester abroad, the integrated internship, additional certificates and presentations by experts from the industry, a versatile all-around package awaits you. Nevertheless, the study is structured in such a compact way that you will receive your degree in the normal period of only 4 (Master Degree) or 6 (Bachelor Degree) semesters.


For graduates it is becoming increasingly important in the labor market to positively stand out from the competition. Sections of the EMS-curriculum focus on specific training, for example in SPSS and SAP software- offering extensive statistical and graphical data analysis, or the preparation for the internationally recognized examination in Business English, the BEC-Higher from the Cambridge University.


We will not only prepare you professionally for your future, but also support you through the EMS Career Service Office on your way into the business world. Thus, the EMS supports you in your application process and maintains contact with companies from different sectors. Whether it be workshops, internships or finishing your final thesis, use our network to connect with the right business contacts early on.


Broadband wireless access, PC workstations, mobile projectors, internet and network resources provide for a contemporary study environment. You will also benefit, thanks to a modern campus management system, from optimized communications and management processes. Students receive, for example, just-in-time notification via SMS if course times or lecture rooms have been changed.


Personal consultation and individual service characterizes student life at the EMS - You are the center of all efforts. Competent and friendly staff will assist you with all your questions about applications, courses, tests, semester abroad, internships and career paths, media and IT at any time with advice and practical help.


The EMS is officially recognized as a Business Management School of the Cologne Business School. All courses regularly undergo external quality control and accreditation; special attention is paid to the quality of the courses and their academic relevance. Our degree programs are not only certified by FIBAA and approved by the State, but also hold a high reputation at (inter) national companies and partner universities.


Our "Bachelor of Arts" and "Master of Arts" degrees enjoy a good reputation with (inter-)national companies and partner universities. The EMS has been evaluated and ranked as one of the best universities of applied sciences in Germany by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE).