Germany – the perfect place to study

Germany is one of the most popular places to study for international students. One in ten students at German universities comes from abroad – this makes Germany the third most popular study destination worldwide. But what makes Germany such an attractive destination for students? And why should you choose to study in Germany?

Top education and opportunities

By studying in Germany, you will receive a top education with plenty of opportunities. German degrees are recognized and valued around the world. The higher education system is considered one of the best in the world. Employers see a German education as a seal of quality and you will set the base for your career with a highly respected degree. When choosing your field of study, you have plenty of degree options – to be precise 17.500; the number of degree programs offered at German universities. Many of the programs are taught in English, reducing the language barrier. Whether you are going for your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, there is something for everyone. You can choose to study at one of the large state universities or at the smaller and more familiar universities of applied sciences. Your options are plentiful.

Studying and living affordably

Tuition fees in Germany are considerably lower than in other countries. Private universities that charge tuition have often lower fees than other countries. While a bachelor’s degree at the EMS costs around 26.000 Euros (US$30.000) in total, the average tuition cost in the U.S. is around US$23.000 per year alone and in Australia about US$18.000. Compared to these other two very popular study destinations, Germany presents an affordable option. Besides the tuition fees the cost of living is also reasonable as it is equivalent to the EU average. As a student, you are eligible to get various discounts and deals:

  • Entertainment: Restaurants, swimming pools, cinemas etc.
  • Culture: museums, theaters, opera houses etc.
  • Necessities: transportation, phone plans, insurance etc.

Historic cities and beautiful countryside

By studying in Germany, you choose to live in the heart of Europe. Not only will you move to a vibrant and diverse country but you will also have the rest of Europe at your door step. Weekends and breaks can be spent travelling across Europe or exploring the many facets of Germany with its historic cities and beautiful countryside. This study destination has something for everyone: beaches, mountains, nature, historic cities or modern metropolises. You will broaden your horizon and even learn a new language in the process. While most Germans speak English and you technically do not need German in order to study here, it will make everyday life a little easier when you speak the language. It will not only benefit you during your time in Germany, but it also looks great on your CV and may open career opportunities.

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