The European Management School is the business management school of the state-recognized Cologne Business School. Thus, the EMS is state-recognized and most recently has been evaluated and accredited by the German Council for Science and Humanities.

State Recognition
The state recognition of a university is carried out by the Ministry of Science within the German state in which a university has its headquarters. In accordance with Article 72 III Nr. of the Basic Law, the states have exclusive legislative competence in the field of higher education. Within § 72 HG NRW and under certain conditions, non-governmental educational institutions may also be recognized by the state. In 2009 the Ministry of Science of North Rhine-Westphalia voted the CBS legally independent and on January 1, 2010 the CBS received the state recognition. Thus, the EMS is officially recognized by the relevant Ministry of Science. All qualifications completed at the EMS are equivalent to those at public universities. Students enrolled at the EMS are thus eligible for Federal Training Assistance (BAföG).

German Council for Science and Humanities

The Cologne Business School - with its study centre, the European Management School in Mainz - has been accredited institutionally by the Science and Humanities Council, the most significant science policy advisory committee in Germany. It advises the federal and state governments and is also responsible for the institutional accreditation of non-state universities. The universities are checked as to whether their teaching and research comply with the recognized scientific standards. In addition, universities are also assessed in terms of their human and financial resources. 

FIBAA Accreditation

With the creation of a single European Higher Education Area and the introduction of the Bachelor and Master’s degree programs in the Federal Republic of Germany, it was agreed that in addition to state accreditation study programs are also subjected to a quality inspection. For economics and business studies the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation), an agency certified by the Accreditation Council of the Science Council of the Federal Republic of German, is responsible for quality assurance.. All degree programs at the EMS have been awarded the seal of approval by the FIBAA.

All study programs offered at the EMS are recognized and accredited, allowing graduates the opportunity to continue their further education at other private and public universities in order to obtain a Master’s or Doctoral degree.

University Group
The Cologne Business School (CBS) was founded in 1993 and is one of the first universities in Germany to offer Bachelor and Master's degree programs. The university group educates students of many nationalities in a practice oriented, intercultural and multilingual manner. The degree requirements set out by the Bologna process in 1997 for the entire European Higher Education Area to completely implemented by 2010 by all institutions, were introduced by the CBS years before.



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