Studying in Mainz

A good place to study

Various opportunities to work and pass your free time

The St. Martin’s Cathedral, the Rhine or Johannes Gutenberg - Mainz is a historically significant city with many faces. This is already evident in the various districts. There is, for example, the multicultural and student-dominated new town area “Mainz Neustadt” with many small public places that invite you to enjoy some ice cream or play Boule, especially in summer. There are the urban areas Hartberg / Münchfeld where two of the major employers in the city are located, the University and the Südwestrundfunk, a regional public broadcasting corporation. If you like wine and nature, you will feel at home in Laubenheim, an area of wine production. And then, of course, there's the old town of Mainz, where the European Management School is situated since October 2012. The new building is located directly within the Fort Malakoff Park, a building complex just a few minutes' walk from the southern train station, making an arrival very easy. The office and business center is located very centrally between the Winter Harbor and the old town of Mainz, so that shops, restaurants, cafés, cultural facilities and the Hyatt Regency Hotel are in walking distance to the European Management School.

Situated close to the banks of the Rhine river and to the green meadows of the Winter Harbor, there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation after challenging lectures or exams, especially in the summer. If you are into sports, the surrounding area provides you with appropriate jogging routes, for example, the Three-Bridges-Tour including the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge, the Kostheimer Bridge and the Railway Bridge. But also relaxing walks on the Rhine promenade, with stopovers in restaurants and beer gardens are possible. It may not be allowed to have a barbecue upstream, in the direction of the new town of Mainz, however the city wants to increase the numbers of barbecue areas near the shore of the Winter Harbor. It is one of many possibilities for our students to meet after classes.

Culture in Mainz

Mainz has also a lot of cultural activities to offer. There are different theaters, such as the State Theatre or the “Unterhaus”, a cabaret, as well as cinemas and museums. The largest and most famous museum is probably the Gutenberg-Museum, which takes its visitors on a journey through a more than 500-year-old history of the printing press with movable type, and the development of media communication. The 1000-year-old St. Martin's Cathedral and the church of St. Stephen with its famous Chagall windows also are places worth visiting in Mainz. And if your feet are hurting, you can take a break in one of the numerous restaurants and bars downtown.

Currently, about 40,000 people are studying in Mainz at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University, the two universities of applied sciences and of course at the European Management School. These students certainly shape the cityscape. This is also evident regarding the nightlife. Once per semester the student club night takes place, giving all students the possibility to dance in eight different clubs all over the city, paying the entrance fee only once. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the different clubs in one evening. In addition, there are numerous student body parties on the university campus and the students of the EMS regularly organize parties for their fellow students.